Getting to Know Tomasz Ksiazkiewicz

In honor of tomorrow being National Intern Day, here at CyberArmed, we are happy to celebrate with our awesome PKI Intern Tomasz Ksiazkiewicz. I interviewed Tomasz to learn more about him as well as to learn how he feels about the growing security industry. 

Tom at a computer

Hey Tomasz, can you please start off by telling us about yourself?  

I'm originally from Poland, and I moved here 8 years ago in pursuit of better education and life. I am currently taking my last course at Marymount University, which is this internship class in order to finish my degree in Information Technology specializing in Cybersecurity and Networking. I am the PKI Intern here at CyberArmed. 

What made you choose this career path? 

My father introduced me to the technology growing up, he was always interested in working with computers and other devices. This got me into working with technology. After exploring the different things computers are capable of doing, I realize this is something that I wanted more knowledge on and ultimately make this my career.

What is an average day like interning at CyberArmed? 

Before coming into the office each morning, I receive an email from Greg outlining the duties and tasks for the day. Once I read over the instructions, I ask for clarification if I have questions. Because we are a small company, I find that each day varies.  A typical day might be helping to improve the quality and usability of software products. I use my expertise to find potential issues as well as make recommendations for improvements. Once I find the issues, we all work together to ensure the software is updated and improved. I also do research on new security technologies that can be implemented for our customers to make their operations more efficient secure. Then I typically will be writing and researching for the blogs, I recently wrote about PKI and next week I will be writing about blockchain technology. If there are any conference calls with clients or partners, I will attend and participate those. As well as all of the above, I also test installation and help make improvements and learn how to set up the company system’s infrastructure.

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 What is your favorite part about interning at CyberArmed? 

I really like our office at MakeOffices Clarendon. As well as my coworkers, and supervisor. I feel that I am a team player and feel that my opinion actually matters makes an impact.

What is a cyber security mistake that people don't realize they are doing? 

1. Using the same password for everything. If one account were to get hacked, you are at a higher risk for the other accounts to be hacked as well since they are the same password.

2. Not changing passwords often, even the most secure passwords need to be changed every 90-120 days. Which throws off hackers.

3. Always lock your computer, even when you leave for 30 seconds.

Where do you see identity security technologies going in the next 5 years?

I see it going into a chip technology which is inserted into a person’s body.

Can you please clarify?

A microchip inside your arm (wrist) implant. A RFID transponder. Which is located in cards. Implantad in body, just like a card but permantly attached. This company called Three Square Market has actually started doing it for their employees. 

What advice do you have for other college students looking to intern in the cyber security field?

Be ready to work hard and not be guided through every step on the way. You need to be self-motivated and be able to solve problems independently. This is also the reason why I learn so much, its because I'm expected to find solutions and improve on the process, and by failing and trying new things I constantly learn. Have some experience in the working field is helpful.  

Thank you Tom and happy (early) National Intern Day! We appreciate everything you do for us!