4 Ways to Keep Your Data Safe this Memorial Day

Memorial day is right around the corner and while you know that you need sunscreen to keep you safe from the sun; here at CyberArmed we have some tips to help keep your data protected from hackers! Don't forget to keep your data safe while enjoying the nice weather. 

1. Make sure ALL of your devices are up to date

Before you enjoy the pool, great barbecues and time with family, take the time to update your devices... ALL of them. This includes mobile devices, laptops, even your Tivo(!) ..anything that has your personal data on it or a connection to the internet. Staying up to date is the best start to protection, so make sure you have all of the latest patches installed on your devices. Where possible, turn on auto-updates, so you don’t even have to think about it.


2. Back it up

Make sure all of your data and information is backed up. There are numerous low-cost options like backing up your most critical data to a USB. There are also, free cloud services you can use..but make sure you encrypt your data before uploading to the cloud. Finally, do not forget about backing up your precious mobile device! (yes…hackers have found out ways to destroy data on a mobile device too)


3. Get in the know

Take advantage of your free time and learn more about the security settings that you have in place for your cloud storage, social media, online calendar, and any other online platforms you use. And don't forget to check the cloud access settings for your mobile device - (you do not want to share your personal data accidentally)!


4.Have fun (but be cautious)

Unfortunately, cyber security is a never ending process. There will always be hackers and other bad things that want to steal your data - either for fun or profit. The most important aspect is to understand and accept this reality fully and then take these basic precautions to keep you and your data safe.   You can learn about some of the things we have to offer to help keep your data safe by clicking here

Learn how to keep your children safe online

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